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“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”, a famous quote by Margaret Fuller – holds utmost importance in today’s world… isn’t’ it? A well-read person will have a better perspective towards society and will always be a better decision maker.

We as parents; want our children to know what’s transpiring every day in this dynamic world…we want them to learn about newer developments in the field of science or latest events in the biodiversity sphere… something, that’s beyond academics!! But due to lack of time and meaningful resources, it gets really difficult to achieve it.
Despite of having an ocean full of information on web, it is a huge task to look for useful insights every day. Insights that are not only interesting, but are simple to understand as well. Hunting for such news is too time consuming and tedious! Mainstream print media or digital platforms aren’t for kids… they are not safe; the language is difficult and articles are not age appropriate.
The Curious Child bridges this gap and perfectly fits the bill! A simple and safe platform for curious kids where each article is hand curated. Motivating them to read and expolre the world around us.

After all knowledge does ignite curiousity !

Daily insights for the young minds
Engaging topics that will encourage children to read and explore more about the world around us

Help parents to have meaningful discussions with their children
Inculcate factful reading habits in children

Hand curated keeping in mind age and interest
Read anytime anywhere on any device
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"My son has to read and present current news items in school on a regular basis. But to hunt for a single news item, is often tedious and quite time consuming. Articles are in general either not age appropriate or they are not interesting enough! But, since the time we have subscribed to The Curious Child, both our issues are solved. It presents interesting insights in simple words. For us, it Ignite and Satisfy our curiosity!"

Punya Akkiraju


"Nice collection of informative news that children need to know. Nowadays in an environment where there is bombardment of news around pandemic, violence and negativity, The Curious Child provides a much-needed respite from it. I highly recommend the newsletter to all school age kids who want to stay updated on the news across the globe."

Neelima Paranjpey


"I've been reading this newsletter for few months now. It's a very comprehensive collection of everyday news articles. It sure tickles my brain and pushes me to read more. The articles are summarized in a very simple and easy language. A perfect media to enhance one’s knowledge, environmental awareness and vocabulary skills. I sometimes surprise my parents by asking them questions... which forces them to google for answers!"

Aarush Agarwal


"I subscribed "The Curious Child" with a motive to make my children aware of topics they otherwise would not study at school. It was a huge relief to get hold of such a newsletter, as it is a great mix of every day’s current events. Not only my children love reading it, but I too look forward of having it sent to my mailbox every single day. Thank you for this wonderful concept Curious Child!"



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